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Dear neighbor or interested party,​


Welcome to the Neighborhood Development Company's (NDC) project status web-site for the redevelopment of 3450 Eads St., NE.


This webpage is intended to provide neighbors, and other interested parties, up to date information on the development project.

The webpage has been formatted to focus on specific issues related to development (e.g, schedules, permitting, key points of contact for more information, etc.)

From this webpage, and based on the menu provided above you can find the following information:

Project Information: an overview of the project with key details on the development program, along with plans and visualizations of the proposed building


Project Updates: an outline of forthcoming opportunities for getting additional information on the project

Approvals: a review of relevant approval documents for your reference along with a schedule for the project.

FAQS: a review of questions that have come up through the development process for the project.


Other Projects: information on other NDC projects located proximate to 3443 Benning Rd. NE.

Contact Information: for key contacts regarding the active stage of development that the project is in. 



This section provides a high-level overview of the project, including visual representations. If you would like additional information about the project, you may find more details in the FAQS section.

Project Overview

3450 Eads St. NE, the River Terrace Apartments, will be forty-nine (49) total units with a distribution of 32 one-bedroom, 9 two-bedroom and 8 “family-oriented” three-bedroom units. The River Terrace Apartments has been conceptualized as workforce housing that will provide households and families a stable housing opportunity that can eventually allow them to transition to being home-owners in the surrounding River Terrace neighborhood. Consistent with this goal, the project provides a mixed-income scenario, with units being delivered at a range of MFI levels, from 30% to 80% of MFI.

The River Terrace Apartments will serve as a leading-edge example of sustainable affordable housing.  The project will be pursuing a PHIUS level of certification in addition to its Enterprise Green Communities certification. The project will integrate both solar panels and a green roof.


The project will be delivered in a low-rise four-story building design. The project will have a dedicated community room that will be used for the delivery of services to residents. This community will also be available for use by members of the River Terrace Community Organization, the ANC, and other community organizations.

Site Plan

The site plan for the project provides for parking access off of the public alley and the main entrance off of Eads St. NE. Extensive landscaping will be added in the setback between the street and the building.


The building plan at right is a downloadable PDF. 

Site Plan.PNG
Building Elevations

The project was designed to fit within the scale of the River Terrace neighborhood. A high-quality brick facade has been specified, with bay projections, consistent with the District of Columbia's historic character.

The elevation image below is from the current schematic drawing set that can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Development Schedule

Outlined below is the current development schedule for the project. This schedule is subject to change pending considerations regarding project funding and approvals processes.

Based on the current status of funding for the project, NDC has limited its efforts to completing a modified planned unit developme application, based on the proposal characteristics identified on this page.

The anticipated major events for this are as follows:

  • File application to modify approved planned unit development - April, 2021

  • Zoning Commission Set Down hearing - June, 2021

  • Zoning Commission Public Hearing - September, 2021



Upcoming Events

Outlined below are forthcoming events related to the project's development progress.

Please check back here for future updates.

  • ANC 7D - Regular Meeting Project Status: April 13th, 2021

  • River Terrace Community Meeting project presentation: April 21st, 2021

  • ANC 7D - Project Presentation: May 11th, 2021

Past Events



The River Terrace Apartments has sought funding approval from the District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). However, the final funding determination by DHCD has been delayed, due to funding restrictions associated with the Covid19 Pandemic. NDC is currently awaiting an update from DHCD on their plans for future affordable housing funding.

While NDC currently has an approved Planned Unit Development (PUD) proposal, this proposal will be modified, pending resolution of funding with the DHCD. Further information regarding the PUD modification will be added at that point in time.



1. What population does this project serve?

This project is designed for working families who are employed in the District of Columbia and desire reasonably priced housing.  The project includes a large concentration of two- and three-bedroom units, relative to other projects in the District.

2. How does this project fit into the existing River Terrace Neighborhood?


A. Working in partnership with Eads Street residents and community leadership, we have reduced the building height to 4 stories, consistent with the surrounding 2 story row-houses and permitted 3 story zoning. The project uses traditional building materials consistent with houses in River Terrace (i.e., brick) and follows traditional building patterns of the District of Columbia (i.e., bay projections, window size and layout).

3. Will River Terrace or other local residents be provided a preference to live in this building?


NDC cannot provide preferential treatment for local residents due to Federal housing regulations.  However, we have committed to working with RTCO and ANC 7D to coordinate the marketing of the project to local residents, when leasing begins, to ensure that there is a high degree of advanced awareness of this new housing opportunity.


4. If I am a neighbor how will my house be protected during construction?


Working in partnership with Eads Street residents and community leadership, NDC has committed to completing analysis of the conditions of the property in advance of construction and monitoring surrounding properties during construction.


5. Why isn't more parking being provided?


The project has always and continues to comply with the District of Columbia's regulations for minimum parking.  NDC has worked with our management company (Residential One) to confirm that our parking will be adequate for leasing.  The project is located in a transit-friendly environment and is geared toward residents who will live and work in the District of Columbia, limiting the need for automobile ownership.


6. I thought the building was going to be an ownership condominium?


NDC submitted a funding application for a condominium project to the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), but this proposal did not score well enough to be funded.  Based on discussions directly with DHCD, they indicated that in general condominium proposals are not favored for funding. Thus, that scheme was abandoned.

7. Did NDC complete a traffic study for this project?

Yes, NDC prepared an initial Comprehensive Transportation Review, and a supplemental review, based on community input.  Both are available in the Project Information section, above.

Based on changes to the project (reducing the number of units) NDC anticipates updating the transportation review through a future PUD modification.



NDC currently has two additional projects under development in the River Terrace Neighborhood.  Further information on the location and details about these projects is available below.

If you would like more additional information about other NDC projects outside of River Terrace, you can visit NDC's main website Our Developments page: NDC Our Developments.

River Terrace Projects Map

3450 Eads St. NE
3443 Benning Rd. NE

This commercial project will provide office space on the second floor and neighborhood-serving retail on the first.

Additional information regarding this project is available on NDC's website: 3443 Benning Rd. NE - Development Profile.

3451 Benning Rd. NE

This mixed-use project will provide innovative office space and food-focused neighborhood-serving retail.

Additional information regarding this project is available on NDC's website: 3451 Benning Rd. NE - Development Profile



For questions about the long term development plans for the project, please contact:


Michael Giulioni


Neighborhood Development Company

phone: 202-567-3215

email: mgiulioni@neighborhooddevelopment.com