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Dear neighbor or interested party,​


Welcome to the Neighborhood Development Company's (NDC) project status web-site for the redevelopment of 3443 Benning Rd, NE.


This website is intended to provide neighbors, and other interested parties, up to date information on the development project.

The website has been formatted to focus on specific issues related to development (e.g, schedules, permitting, key points of contact for more information, etc.)


While some general information on the project is provided, more details are available at NDC's company web-site:

3443 Benning Rd. NE - Additional Project Information​

From this website, and based on the menu provided above you can find the following information:

Project Information: an overview of the project with key details on the development program, along with plans and visualizations of the proposed building


Construction Planning and Approvals: a review of relevant permitting documents for your reference along with a schedule for the project.


Contact Information: for key contacts regarding the active stage of development that the project is in.


FAQS: a review of questions that have come up through the development process for the project.


Project Updates: an outline of forthcoming opportunities for getting additional information on the project


Other Projects: information on other NDC projects located proximate to 3443 Benning Rd. NE.  



This section provides a high-level overview of the project, including visual representations. If you would like additional information to what is provided here about the project, you may find more details in the FAQS section or on NDC's general information project webpage: 3443 Benning Rd. - General Project Information.

Project Overview

The 2-story urban infill project provides a total of 11,588 square feet of space along Benning Road NE. The Project is served by multimodal transportation options including the Minnesota Avenue Metrorail Station and the future planned extension of the DC Streetcar. 

Site Plan

The 5,926 square foot ground floor has three separate entrances for tenants along Benning Road NE, including an entrance to the lobby, which provides access to the second floor. The 5,662 square foot second floor has direct access to the 3 parking spaces located along the rear alley.


The building plan at right is a downloadable PDF. 

3443 Leaseable Areas 081419.jpg
Building Elevations

The project was designed to fit within the existing scale and character of the River Terrace neighborhood. The brick facade features 3 bays on the ground floor, proving maximum visibility from Benning Road NE.

The elevation image is from the construction drawing set and can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Construction Schedule

Spaces are available to lease and construction is underway with expected delivery in Winter 2020!


Please see the detailed construction schedule below:

Schedule Diagram.jpg


Outlined below are forthcoming events related to the project's development progress, along with photos of the development's progress.

Please check back here for future updates.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no scheduled events.

Progress Photos

November 26 - Site Work

IMG_2844 (2).jpg


Links to permits and approval can be found by clicking the links below:

  1. Building Permit

  2. Public Space Permit

  3. Public Space Occupancy/Parking Permit

  4. Approved Traffic Control Plan

  5. DC Water Certificate of Approval



1. What communications will occur about truck routes and any road obstruction on 34th or 36th street NE, and any other construction staging that could impact the flow of traffic in the neighborhood?

This website includes detailed information regarding the Traffic Control Plans approved by the District of Columbia, in accordance with their standards for traffic control during construction.  To get more information please consult the project Approvals section of this website.

In addition, NDC will be providing regular updates for neighbors at meetings such as the River Terrace Community Organization regular meetings.  You can get more information regarding upcoming meetings or events from the Updates section of this website.   

2. Where will the contractors park?


NDC is also the owner and developer of the future apartment development to be located on the vacant lot between the two north-south alleys off of Eads Street NE between 34th and 36th street (the "Eads Lot").  Based on the development plan for the Eads Lot, Asturian Contractors will be directed to park on this lot, during construction to ensure they do not park on the surrounding streets.


3.  How will construction affect River Terrace? 


3443 Benning Rd. NE is a limited scale project, with limited excavation for the building foundation.  The type of construction will not require extensive heavy machinery to complete. Construction is allowed Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm without any special permits.


Construction of the project is expected to take approximately 6 months, before the building is enclosed, at which point the remaining work will take place indoors, limiting noise and other intrusions on the neighborhood.


NDC has a 20-year history working in the District of Columbia, as both a General Contractor and Developer.  We take pride in working with neighbors to address issues with the construction of our projects, should they arise.  However, it is our goal to mitigate the negative effects of construction by working with high-quality contractors who adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the District of Columbia to ensure that the effect on project neighbors is limited.

4. Will there be opportunities for residents to talk to NDC about the project? 

NDC will be providing regular updates for neighbors at meetings such as the River Terrace Community Organization regular meetings.  You can get more information regarding upcoming meetings or events from the Updates section of this website.

You can also contact NDC at the information provided in the Contact portion of this website.

5. Does the project need any ANC approval or any zoning relief?

3443 Benning Rd. NE's development plan was prepared in accordance will all applicable zoning and building codes approved by the District of Columbia Zoning Commission and the District of Columbia City Council.  Therefore, no relief was requested, nor was ANC approval required.

6. In regards to parking, is there an option to build up and make a double layer parking garage?

The project size, and lot proportions, do not allow for a parking garage of any sort.  To construct a garage would likely cover the entire site with parking itself, limiting the ability to provide more valuable land uses to the neighborhood, such as retail, office, or restaurant space.


7. Will the building include green rooftop space (with solar panels and gardens)?

This project has been designed to incorporate a green roof, as a part of its overall development plan.  However, the inclusion of solar panels at this point in time was not practical.  However, the incorporation of solar is highly valuable within the District of Columbia and therefore it is something that NDC is considering for this project.

8. Is NDC working on doing traffic studies on the Benning Road Corridor?

At this time, no traffic studies are required or proposed for 3443 Benning Rd. NE, due to its limited scale. However, NDC has completed two traffic studies in relation to its Eads Street NE project.  A copy of these studies are available from the following link: 3450 Eads Street NE - Traffic Studies.

9. Where is NDC placing parking for Benning Market, the new apartment project, and the additional three retail spaces on the 3400 block of Benning Road NE?

All three projects have been designed to comply with the District of Columbia Zoning Code's minimum parking requirements.

NDC has been working with Market 7 - our anchor tenant for the Benning Market project, to obtain additional overflow parking which can support the market place.  As the projects continue to be developed, NDC will provide updates on the progress of securing this additional parking.

10. How will NDC update the community about ongoing construction updates (daily construction hours, road closures, noise, etc)? 


NDC intends to provide ongoing updates on this website, via the Updates section.

Information regarding construction plans and traffic control planning is available in the Approvals section of this website.



NDC currently has two additional projects under development in the River Terrace Neighborhood.  Further information on the location and details about these projects is available below.

If you would like more additional information about other NDC projects outside of River Terrace, you can visit NDC's main website Our Developments page: NDC Our Developments.

River Terrace Projects Map

3443 Benning Rd. NE
3451 Benning Rd. NE

This mixed-use project will provide innovative office space and food-focused neighborhood-serving retail.

Additional information regarding this project is available on NDC's website: 3451 Benning Rd. NE - Development Profile

View 1 - Benning 3451.jpg
3450 Eads St. NE

This workforce housing project will provide housing for 49 households in one, two, and three-bedroom units.

Additional information regarding this project is available on NDC's website: 3450 Eads St. NE - Development Profile

2018-10-09 - 3450 Eads - Front Elevation


For Construction Inquiries

For all inquiries related to on-site issues and the day to day construction of the building, please contact:

Carlin Fox Jr.​


Asturian Group, Inc.

phon e: 240.929.6268

email: cfox@asturiangroup.com 

Using a Touch Phone

For Leasing Inquiries

For all inquiries related to leasing space in the building, please contact:

Robert H. Gray
Vice President, Investment Sales & Leasing

Divaris Real Estate, Inc.

phon e: 571.550.9042

email: robert.gray@divaris.com


For Development Inquiries

For questions about the long term development plans for the project, please contact:


Taylor Stout


Neighborhood Development Company

phone: 202.567.3202

email: tstout@neighborhooddevelopment.com